How to spot fake/counterfeit Pokemon games.

There are many Counterfeit Pokemon games and I want to teach you how to watch out for them so that you don’t get ripped off.

Authentic vs Counterfeit HG SS copy

Not only are the counterfeit games illegal, but they are also missing key features. The counterfeit Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold games on the bottom are grey and do not have the Infrared sensor and without it there is no way to connect the Pokewalker to the game, taking out one of the best parts of the game. The authentic ones pictured above are translucent black and includes the infrared sensor. The text font is also incorrect on counterfeit games.

Authentic vs Counterfeit Diamond Pearl 3

The most obvious flaw in the counterfeit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games pictured on the bottom appear darker than the authentic ones. Pearl is pretty distinct missing almost all of the red hue that the real one above has.

Authentic vs Counterfeit PlatinumCounterfeit Pokemon Platinum games have a red Nintendo symbol instead of the authentic Pokemon Platinum games having a black Nintendo Symbol.

The back of Counterfeit Cartridges also look a bit different. The spacing is off and the text is bigger.

Be sure if you are purchasing a Brand New, Factory Sealed Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS that it has the Y fold like the Pokemon White Version 2 game pictured below:
Y Fold SealedPokemon games on the Nintendo DS that do not have the Y fold seal are either counterfeit or have been resealed (Which means at the very least that the package has been previously opened.)

Here is a picture of the most popular Authentic Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS:
Authentic 2

If you are looking at the same game but it has a different front label (Such as a Pokemon Diamond Cartridge having an image of Dialga on the label) that ends in USA I would suspect it to be counterfeit  since the Authentic Pokemon games only have one label style that never changes.

Counterfeit Pokemon games will also have the following disclaimers “Only works on Nintendo DS, DS lite” “Does not work on DSi or 3DS” Authentic Pokemon games made on the Nintendo DS work on the DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XL, 2DS, 3DS and the 3DS xl. You can always ask  the seller if the game works on the 2DS and if they say it does not, just move on to the next one.

Even the counterfeit cases look much different from the authentic ones. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum cases will appear shiny/holographic where the counterfeit ones will regularly have no holographic shine to them.

The easiest way to spot counterfeit Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is to check out this official list of games: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Pinball, Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire and Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team.
If the Pokemon game is for the GBA and is not on this list then it is counterfeit.

These are the known fake Pokemon games for the GBA: Pokemon Chaos Black, Quartz, Darkcry, Arcois, Naranja, Blue Sea and Lugias Ocean.

These fake/counterfeit games are known to have: harsh language, downgraded graphics and glitchy gameplay, which makes some of them downright unplayable.

If you find any of these fake/counterfeit Pokemon games on eBay, please do the follow:

1. “Report Item” and under Report Category select “Counterfeit and trademark”
2. Under Reason for Report select “Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer”
3. Underneath Detailed Reason select “Counterfeit, fake, or replica items”

Now everyone can enjoy high quality/fully functional Authentic Pokemon games! =]

Side note: Since you have read through the various ways of spotting counterfeit Pokemon games you now qualify to trade in your legit games to us for cash. Just read these condition guidelines and you will be ready to trade in your older Pokemon games that you don’t use anymore.

I also sell Authentic Pokemon games at my eBay shop MintyFreshGames!

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14 Responses to How to spot fake/counterfeit Pokemon games.

  1. Wow never knew there were fakes, thanks.

  2. Dimitrios says:

    Will let my little cousins know now

  3. Anonymous says:

    The box art from “Chaos Black” has a picture of Chaos 0 from Sonic Adventure on it…

  4. amymartin009 says:

    I also did’t know about these fake information, thank you very much now we can filter the exact products.

  5. Michael Reed says:

    Glad I read this. I recently purchased one of these HeartGold fakes from GameStop of all places. Went to return it to another nearby store (this is in the country, so nearby means 20mi’s away!) and they too had a counterfeit copy! I had read this article previously (can’t remember why), and I looked it up again for reference after I got one and noticed the cart was gray and that it wasn’t working correctly). I hope they catch whoever was selling them to the stores! You should update with some pictures of the back of HGSS fake vs real, because the real ones don’t say NTR-005 (at least, not the ones I have), they say NTR-031 (same for Black and White v1, I cant say for v2 since I don’t have them yet). The only Pokemon games for DS I have had with NTR-005 and gray carts are Platinum/Pearl/Diamond etc.

    Also, the counterfeit HeartGold cart I had did play in my 3DS XL, but it would randomly act like it had been ejected or just freeze. The game would randomly crash on both my 3DS and DS Lite.

  6. Flea market buyers worldwide, beware.

  7. Greg137 says:

    Most of those differences are so slight you would never know, but strangely but there is one way to spot a fake cartridge.. Put it in your DS and try pause the game by closing the DS!! That is the sure fire proof that it is fake! especially with diamond, pearl, and platinum, of which, I now have to get authentic replacements for them… Its not the customers fault they were duped into buying fake games which is why the hackers have been working so hard to make them look real.. One other thing, The REAL cartridges have a type of seemingly partially transparent red tint on the back, you should be able to see red tinted specks, and be sure to shack the cartridge to make sure it is real, as cartridges have a rattling noise.. the red tint on the back for 4th and 5th gen games is something to look out for.. But yes I will say it again try pausing the game by closing the ds, if it does not pause completely then it is a fake ds game… Sorry for the redundancy in this post..

  8. greedxviii says:

    Shit… no wonder my SoulSilver freezes so often.

  9. Annette says:

    Excellent information!! Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Tyler says:

    It actually helped i used this too check a game on ebay and it was athentic thanks.

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