MintyFreshGames Trade-In Program

If you would like to trade in games to me. Please be sure to read the guidelines as I don’t accept counterfeit Pokemon games.

Authentic vs Counterfeit HG SS copyNot only are the counterfeit games illegal, but they are also missing key features. The counterfeit Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold games on the bottom are grey and do not have the Infrared sensor and without it there is no way to connect the Pokewalker to the game, taking out one of the best parts of the game. The authentic ones pictured above are translucent black and includes the infrared sensor. The text font is also incorrect on counterfeit games.

Authentic vs Counterfeit Diamond Pearl 3

The most obvious flaw in the counterfeit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games pictured on the bottom appear darker than the authentic ones. Pearl is pretty distinct missing almost all of the red hue that the real one above has.

Authentic vs Counterfeit Platinum
Counterfeit Pokemon Platinum games have a red Nintendo symbol instead of the authentic Pokemon Platinum games having a black Nintendo Symbol.

The back of Counterfeit Cartridges also look a bit different. The spacing is off and the text is bigger.

Please be sure that the games you are trading in look identical to the ones pictured below
Authentic 2
If you are looking at the same game but it has a different front label (Such as a Pokemon Diamond Cartridge having an image of Dialga on the label) that ends in USA I would suspect it to be counterfeit  since the Authentic Pokemon games only have one label style that never changes.

At this time I only accept games made for the USA (Games that end with the code USA). Any games ending with the game codes that end with EUR, or JPN will not be accepted

Any games that are traded into us must meet these minimum requirements:
1. Games must work on first boot up (Games that take multiple tries to boot up are not accepted)
2. Games must be able to save and hold data
3. Label on cartridge must be fully intact (No peeling or missing front labels)
4. No Permanent marker or Pen Marks on cartridge
5. No tobacco smell or other odor

Requirements for sending in “Game, Case, Cover Art and Manual”:
1. Manuals cannot have any folds or bends (Even tiny ones)
2. The original case including the engraved “Nintendo DS” logo on the insde and the original cover art must be sent in. Generic cases with no authentic engraving on the inside of the cases will be accepted.

Requirements  for Factory Sealed games:
1. Factory Sealed products that have been opened in any way or resealed will not be accepted.
2. Factory Sealed products must include the authentic Y folds on the top and bottom of the case just like the game pictured below.
Y Fold Sealed

All costs associated (postage and packaging) with sending a game in will be the responsibility of the person trading their games in.

At this time we only offer cash through Paypal as payment for your trade in.

If you would like to trade in your games please message us at with what you would like to trade in along with the Paypal e-mail address that you would like the payment sent to. Further directions will be given from there.

The current list of games that we accept for trade in right now is:
$15 Pokemon Diamond (Cartridge Only)
$16 Pokemon Diamond (Game, Case, Cover Art and Manual) (Pictures required)
$20 Pokemon Diamond (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$15 Pokemon Pearl (Cartridge Only)
$16 Pokemon Pearl (Game, Case, Cover Art and Manual) (Pictures required)
$20 Pokemon Pearl (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$14 Pokemon Platinum (Cartridge Only)
$18 Pokemon Platinum (Game, Case, Cover Art and Manual) (Pictures required)
$20 Pokemon Platinum (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$34 Pokemon Heart Gold (Cartridge Only)
$25 Pokemon Soul Silver (Cartridge Only)
$15 Pokemon Black (Cartridge Only)
$15 Pokemon White (Cartridge Only)
$15 Pokemon White 2 (Cartridge Only)
$18 Pokemon White 2 (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$15 Pokemon Black 2 (Cartridge Only)
$18 Pokemon Black 2 (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$15 Pokemon X (Cartridge Only)
$17 Pokemon X (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$12 Pokemon Y (Cartridge Only)
$18 Pokemon Y (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$16 Pokemon Omega Ruby (Cartridge Only)
$23 Pokemon Omega Ruby (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$16 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge Only)
$22 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (Brand New Factory Sealed)
$14 Super Smash 3DS
$13 Mario Kart 7

Multiple copies of the same game traded in are subject to approval.

When I receive your game it will be fully tested on a Nintendo DS. Once I verify that the cartridge boots up and I am able to save data on the cartridge your payment will be processed. This regularly takes 1-2 business days after the package has been delivered.

If you have any questions about our trade in program I would be more than happy to help you.

You can tell your friends and family about this trade in service. Just be sure that they read all the requirements.

I hope you have a great day,
-= MintyFreshGames =-

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